The Mountain Research Initiative is a non-profit research coordination office that is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and hosted by the University of Bern. We promote and coordinate research that advances our understanding of global change in mountains. We are working toward a global research program that:

  • detects signals of global environmental change in mountain environments,
  • defines the consequences of global environmental change for mountain regions as well as lowland systems dependent on mountain resources,
  • informs sustainable land, water, and resource management for mountain regions at local to regional scales.

From left to right: Greg Greenwood, ErinGleeson, Regula Mülchi, Astrid Bjornson (now at WSL) and Claudia Drexler.

The MRI office team is small, but our reach is long! By working with the cutting-edge scientists in our Science Leadership Council, focus groups such as the working group on elevation-dependent warming, and a variety of regional and thematic research networks, we stay abreast of current research activities and work to channel expertise and funding toward collaborative efforts that tackle the twin challenges of global change in mountains and sustainable mountain development.

To learn more about the Mountain Research Initiative, please visit our website!

The Mountain Research Initiative
c/o Institute of Geography
University of Bern
Erlachstrasse 9a
3012 Bern, Switzerland

tel: +41 (0)31 631 51 41
fax: +41 (0)31 631 51 44